Surgical week is almost upon us! Staff in both the US and Malawi have been preparing for weeks to treat and see over 80 surgical patients, 120 dental patients, and provide CPR/BLS trainings  and fluoride treatments for Malawians in Kabudula Community Hospital and Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

Access Health Africa has recently hired two Global Health Fellows who are on the ground in Malawi working on various arrangements that have involved a close partnership with the Kabudula Hospital Staff to recruit patients, ensure there are the correct supplies and medications and equipment for the various activities that will be occurring over the next week. We are lucky to have such a close partnership with the staff in Kabudula that has lasted over 9 years and are looking forward to improving upon our past surgical trips with their inputs. They are also excited to be in partnership with us and look forward to working every year with their friends and colleagues from the United States!