Today, at Access Health Africa, we dedicated the majority of our day organizing our detailed outreach plan for the upcoming week.  This week, we will be providing medical outreach care in four very diverse locations.  On one end of the spectrum, we will be working at the large public hospital, KCH.  In addition, we will venture out to the rural hospital in Kabudula. Here, we will perform much needed operative procedures, many of which have been prolonged due to lack of available surgeons as well as lack of available hospital resources.  Our ability to provide health care in these forgotten communities exists, in large part, as a result of the generous donations of a vast number of private donors, health care providers and hospital systems. Their contributions have helped transform our dream of expanding access to health care throughout Malawi into a reality. In addition to traveling to KH, we will also visit both Dzalaka refugee camp and the village of Mchezi. In these locations, we will switch gears, focusing largely on patient education and preventative medicine in hopes of empowering a community to flourish in the future.