World Camp Clubs

The goal of World Camp Clubs works with youth to improve community well-being by increasing knowledge of health topics, developing life and survival skills, and promoting access to available health services.

The activities are implemented address issues that specifically affect youth, as per the National Youth Policy. Some of the challenges include: unemployment; early marriages and teenage pregnancies; STIs, HIV and AIDS; poverty; inadequate access to secondary and tertiaryeducation, orphan-hood mainly due to HIV and AIDS, inadequate technical and vocational training; and marginalization and discrimination.

WCC's create an enabling environment for youth to actively and meaningfully succeed in their own (as well as) national development agendas. The Clubs work primarily to:

  1. Equip youth with leadership and management skills

  2. Advocate for the voiceless

  3. Facilitate a community link to the government's extension workers

  4. Simplify learning strategies, adding value and quality

  5. Facilitate the enhancement of life skills

  6. Communicate important messages to hard-to-reach communities

  7. Transform communities by challenging the negative lifestyles youth are presented with